What parts of modular clinical systems consist of?


  • Laminate Worktop: 30 mm strong post-formed laminated Chipboard, 3 mm PVC edgebanding
  • Glass Worktop: 18 mm strong Tempered Glass formed via thermal process
  • Acrylic Worktop: 30 mm strong antibacterial, %100 Acrylic Solid Surface worktop


  • 0,90 mm thick DKP-Steel Frame
  • Phosphate coated base before further paint coating
  • Producible in all RAL colour shades with an electrostatic powder coating
  • Modular unit systems with drawers and doors
  • Double-walled drawer and door fronts for optimal noise reduction
  • Options for Basic, Telescopic and Soft-Closing Drawer Slides

Door & Drawer Covers

Metal Door & Cover:

  • Manufactured in special shapes and double-walled for optimal noise reduction.
  • Producible in all RAL colour shades with an electrostatic powder coating

High Gloss:

  • Comes with a glossy finish and due to its material, these covers are resistant against most chemicals and scratch-resistant.
  • Guarantees a neat and nice look due to its PVC edge banding.


Coated Plinth:

  • Integrated into the cabinet, levelling feet with black plastic base, the

INOX Plinth:

  • Complete INOX Plinth with a height of 14 cm

Square Legs:

  • Square Legs: Square Legs with a height of 15 cm

Why TURKEY for Termal Cures and Wellness

Ematech Concept Healty

First in Europe
Natural springs have been resources to prevent and treat diseases, reduce stress and improve the quality of life since the antiquity. Today thermal waters are applied throughout treatment procedures at clinics and for preventive care, also for wellness and relaxation at touristic facilities.

Turkey’s thermal resources rank 7th in the world and 1st in Europe. Hundred thousands of international patients and tourists visit Turkey’s unique thermal facilities every year to get better and healthier.

Most of these resources are available in Aegean, Marmara and Central Anatolia. Quality of the water delivered by facilities is supervised by the Ministry of Health.

Turkey occupies the 3rd rank in Europe after Germany and Italy in terms of the utilization of thermal resources by its 260+ thermal facilities established over an area of more than 1,500 thermal resources of 20-1100 0C and 2-500 l/sec. In Turkey you can get thermal cures for almost 300 days in a year.

Insurance companies from many countries such as Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Netherlands send their patients to Turkey for thermal treatments.

Innovative Services
Numerous daily treatments such as waterobics, respiratory therapy, blood pressure adjustment therapy, acupuncture, medical sauna, colon hydrotherapy, various massages, walks in forests and/or by sea, ozone therapy and rhythm therapy are available for the visitors of thermal facilities.

Experts recommend at least 1 thermal cure annually to accelerate recovery of patients and to reinforce immune system of healthy individuals. Type of the water, technic and duration of treatment should be prescribed by a health professional.

Keep Well and Healthy
SPA means “health through water”. Contemporary life is full of stress, unhealthy eating habits and sedentary life styles; which is a great risk against the quality of life. Despite this risk, we all desire to enjoy mentally, physically and socially healthy and long life. Traditional SPA-Wellness therapies are one of the most efficient methods to overcome the barriers preventing us from flourishing.

You are one step closer to a healthier life by innovative and integrative methods applied at SPA-Wellness facilities of Turkey’s city and resort hotels and thalassotherapy units of sea resort hotels. You will find anything you need at your fingertips for a relaxing and refreshing holiday not only by water, but also by massage and cosmetic operations offered by SPA-Wellness facilities while you explore authentic and natural assets of Turkey.

I want to open a dentistry clinic, where should I start?

Every Project and client is uniqe in their needs and require utmost attention to their individual deatails so in order to achieve the best results. We make it easy for our clients to overcome the desicion process by 3 steps.



In light of our client requirements, the product line is selected from our wide variety of product selection cataloge, as well as the desired collors. They will be the base of our next step.


Planning and design

In this stage, we take the precise measurements of the area and use the previously selected product line and combine them with requirements of the client in a 3D visual apearance. We work with our client to customize the premises to maximize the efficency.



Once every detail is agreed upon, a final 3D presentation of the interior will be submitted for our client aproval. This is be the last step, where the client sees exacly how the new premises will look like once it is finished.